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Tree Removals

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to remove trees. When contemplating removal, you need to be 100% confident that the contractor you hire can competently complete the task, whether it be through manual dismantling, crane removal, via elevated work platform or clear felling.

Heartwood Tree Solutions follows the Australian Standards and aims to provide a safe working environment for employees, the customer and the public at all times. Our arborist will assess the condition of the tree, environmental conditions, infrastructure and any other contributing factors that determines the safe and efficient removal of your tree/s.

The potential hazards during storm season can be detrimental to property, infrastructure and human safety if not managed correctly. Trees should be inspected and managed annually to identify potential hazards and help prevent accidents from occurring. Trees that are managed correctly via inspections, pruning, removal of deadwood and hanging branches are healthier and safer trees. These preventative measures will make a significant difference to the level of risk during high winds and storms with an obvious impact in reducing the potential for failure.

Remember that early intervention and preparation for the storm season is essential and should be completed prior to storm season commencing.

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