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Tree Pruning

Hiring a certified arborist to carry out your tree services will ensure that your tree has the best possible outcome. Improper pruning and lopping can cause long term and permanent damage to a tree. Heartwood Tree Solutions understand and are trained in the biology of trees, which enables us to enhance the growth and health of your trees. Correct pruning improves structure, aesthetic aspects and human safety.

One of the many purposes and techniques used when pruning is Formative and Corrective pruning. Formative pruning will reduce the potential of structural weaknesses, enhance and improve structural qualities and shape or redirect. Correct pruning techniques on young trees will potentially prevent costly corrective pruning and intervention into the future.

Trees that have poor structure, developmental damage, storm damage, mechanical damage, dieback/deadwood, diseases, or trees that have suffered from improper pruning and lopping will require the assistance of an arborist. The purpose of corrective pruning is to increase the useful life expectancy of the tree and to reduce the risk and hazard potential, particularly in urban environments.

Correct tree care and management will ensure that your trees are healthy and safe. Correct pruning and annual inspections will help prevent hazards and promote the longevity of your trees. Mulching your trees and plants is another vital element to you trees health. Mulch retains moisture, suppresses weeds, protects from hot and cold weather extremes, encourages and provides beneficial soil microorganisms and helps to prevent soil compaction.

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