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Tree Lopping

Tree lopping isn’t a quick fix! Tree lopping or topping involves cutting back limbs to a stub or lateral branch. This then produces a mass of shoots that are poorly attached to the remaining branches. Due to poor structure, branch failure is much more likely in lopped trees, as their structure has been compromised.

The large wounds that result from tree lopping introduce decay and pathogenic organisms. Tree Lopping can also create sunburn in trees, which often leads to the formation of cankers; bark splitting, branch failure or death of the tree.

As a trees’ foliage is essential for food production, this kind of shock triggers new growth that is added to combat the massive amounts of stress that the tree suffers. This new growth is called epicormic or reaction growth. If a tree is severally lopped and the tree has lost a large percentage of its leaves, it will become deprived of nutrients and this can have detrimental effects on its growth and chance of survival. Lopped trees are unsafe, unattractive and the chance of an accident happening is dramatically increased

Tree lopping is a temporary measure that will require ongoing work and will leave your tree disfigured, unsightly, may devalue your property, not to mention the ongoing costs you’ll need to outlay every few years in order to remove the regrowth. The cost of corrective pruning for a lopped tree is expensive, and sometimes this won’t correct or resolve the problem.

Tree lopping is frowned upon and it is not an acceptable practice in the Arboriculture Industry. When hiring a contractor, always ensure that they are qualified, insured and work within accordance with the “AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS AS 4373-2007”.

Tree lopping may be more attractive cost wise for many people but what they don’t realise, is that lopped trees usually end up costing a lot more.

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