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Storm Damage

What Should I do to prepare before a storm?

  • Have your trees inspected regularly to identify and address problems early
  • Look for potential hazards such as hanging branches, deadwood, decay, unusual growths, hollows; and leaning trees that may pose a danger or have the ability to damage your property
  • Never attempt to remove or prune trees near powerlines. Always hire a Qualified Arborist to carry out tree work near privately owned powerlines
  • Report dangerous situations to Energex on 131962
  • Avoid lopping trees, as this may cause unhealthy re-growth and increase the risk of branch failure
  • Arborists are professionals equipped to manage and provide safe and diverse procedures and recommendations
  • Ensure that the contractor you hire is familiar with the Australian Standard AS4373 (2007) Pruning of Amenity Trees, fully insured and has a minimum qualification of AQF3
  • Before pruning or removing trees, check for Vegetation Protected Order – VPO with your local Council
  • Arborists can assist with VPO and Local Laws

Are you ready for Storm Season?

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