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Tree PruningTree Pruning

Hiring a certified arborist to carry out your tree services will ensure that your tree has the best possible outcome. Improper pruning and lopping can cause long term and permanent damage to a tree. Heartwood Tree Solutions understand and are trained in the biology of trees, which enables us to enhance the growth and health of your trees. Correct pruning improves structure, aesthetic aspects and human safety.


tree-loppingTree Lopping

Tree Lopping isn’t a quick fix. Tree lopping is a temporary measure that will require ongoing work and will leave your tree disfigured, unsightly, may devalue your property, not to mention the ongoing costs you’ll need to outlay every few years in order to remove the regrowth. The cost of corrective pruning for a lopped tree is expensive, and sometimes this won’t correct or resolve the problem. Tree lopping is frowned upon and it is not an acceptable practice in the Arboriculture Industry. When hiring a contractor, always ensure that they are qualified, insured and work within accordance with the “AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS AS 4373-2007”.


tree-removalsTree Removals

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to remove trees.  When contemplating removal, you need to be 100% confident that the contractor you hire can competently complete the task, whether it be through manual dismantling, crane removal, via elevated work platform or clear felling.


stump-grindingStump Grinding

Heartwood Tree Solutions removes stumps by grinding out the stump and surface roots.

Stumps left untreated can regrow and rapidly re-establish as multi-trunked trees.

arbor-reportsArbor Reports, Consultation and Advice

Are your trees protected by Vegetation Protective Orders (VPO), or Natural Assets Local Law 2003 (NALL)? Each Council has different requirements with regards to pruning and removals. Only a certified Arborist (minimum of AQF level 5) can provide an arborist report and guidance in managing the situation. An Arborist report may be necessary prior to the commencement of any work.


Storm DamageStorm Damage

Are you ready for storm season. Learn more about how you should prepare for the coming storm season?