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Protect Lot 46 Forever

Rainforest Rescue

Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road is in the heart of the Daintree lowlands rainforest and is an incredibly special piece of land. Please help us create a Nature Conservation Reserve on Lot 46 and protect it into perpetuity.

Heartwood Tree Solutions is passionate about trees and the environment, and is committed to recognizing our environmental responsibilities to manage the impacts of air, water, land, and noise pollution, thereby creating healthy surrounding for our community.

We are committed to achieving and promoting Ecologically Sustainable Development through:

  • ensuring that the environment is an integral part of our business and management system
  • taking opportunities to adopt effective environmental management procedures and practices in accordance with the principles of best practice
  • complying with relevant government legislation and policy
  • ensuring our employees are aware of and able to respond to their environmental responsibilities
  • consulting with our clients and relevant authorities before making any significant decisions that impact on the environment

Heartwood Tree Solutions recognises that we have an environmental obligation to support our fragile ecosystems and to find a balance environmentally within the arboriculture industry. Sometimes trees need to be removed and we ensure that all trees removed are 100% recycled into garden mulch provided free to the customer, milled and firewood.

Trees are a great asset and together with Rainforest Rescue we are striving to ensure that Rainforest Rescue continues to rescue one of one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the world, and of international conservation importance.

While most of the Daintree is World Heritage, areas of coastal lowland rainforest remain unprotected with 75% of Australia’s rainforest destroyed. Rainforest Rescue works to buy back property zoned for development, regenerate the land, and protect it forever.

Please join us and help save one of the world’s most unique and beautiful natural wonders.

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